13 Jun, 2020

SIBCO introduces Daddy Noodles

SIBCO has launched "Daddy noodles" to the Maldives today.
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10 Apr, 2020

SIBCO introduces Al Badia Coconut Milk Powder to the Maldives

Al Badia coconut milk powder is made with a very fine and high quality coconut milk, perfect to use in a variety of cuisines both at home and catering industry.
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31 Mar, 2020

SIBCO introduces Al Mashaal Basmati Rice and a Special Gift Pack ahead of Ramadan

SIBCO has imported Al Mashaal, high quality Basmati Rice from Pakistan especially for the Ramadan season and introducing at a special price that will be very much affordable to the majority in the Maldives.
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23 Feb, 2020

SIBCO introduces Goodday CHARGE to the Maldives

SIBCO has introduced “Goodday CHARGE” to the Maldivian market today.
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10 Jan, 2020

Celebrates 4th year Anniversary with Launch of its ‘Plan 2020’

Today we celebrate the 4th Anniversary of SIBCO! A huge thank you to everyone involved.
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20 Dec, 2019

Celebrate and welcome 2020 with Al Mudhish Milk

Celebrate and welcome 2020 with Al Mudhish Milk. Special promotion to mark 30 years of Al Mudhish milk from 20th December.
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